Welcome to our page dedicated to group buys!

In this section we will give space to projects to create keycaps with ISO-IT layout. The keys will be made of PBT Doubleshot (non-backlit) with OEM profile by Tai-Hao.

The implementation method involves the following phases:

  • IC (Interest Check): during this first phase we want to collect user preferences on the creation of 1 of the 4 proposed sets. The most voted set will move on to the next step and the final price will also be established.
  • GB (Group Buy): when the group buy is officially opened, pre-orders will be collected, this phase will last a few weeks because we are producing a specific layout (we will evaluate whether to extend the duration based on the trend). The minimum quantity for production will be 100 pieces, if there are not enough pre-orders the GB will be canceled and customers refunded.
  • Production and distribution: As soon as the GB has reached the minimum quota we will send the set into production and we will take care of shipping it in the shortest time possible.

This page will always be updated with details of the progress of the group buy and all newsletter subscribers will receive notifications via email.
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UPDATE 06/15/2021:

The IC phase ended and the most voted set was the DARK TUNNEL .

We are happy to announce that the GB will have the following duration: 21 June 2021 - 8 August 2021 .
The total number of keycaps will be 105 and the final price will be €85 (free shipping) .
For this occasion we will also do a special collaboration so don't lose sight of all our channels and updates on this page!

The expected delivery date is November 2021, we will make the latter official at the end of the GB.

UPDATE 03/08/2021:

The minimum order quota for the production of the set has not been reached, the group-buy is considered closed. We will start again in autumn with new initiatives, continue to follow this page!

In detail, the sets that participated in the IC phase:



DARK TUNNEL (GB from 06/21/2021)