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Glorious Mousepad XXL Black

Glorious Mousepad XXL Black

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It started with the words of an editor at online gaming magazine "The Escapist," who first used the term "PC Gaming Master Race" in a video review of the role-playing game The Witcher. Thought of as a small jab towards the often intolerant PC enthusiasts with their opinion towards console lovers, this term literally turned into a full-blown hype, but in exactly the opposite direction. The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race was used by PC gamers as an expression of pride, as they belonged to a group of gamers whose hardware remains expandable - and upgradeable - forever. Last but not least, there are various memes on the topic, reprising the "war" between PC and console gamers again and again. In keeping with the pride of being a PC gamer,

With this Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad , the user has full control over what happens on the screen, working or playing. If you are one of those gamers who need freedom of movement, this XXL version is perfect for you. The underside of the mouse pad is made of a layer of rubber, which very well protects the mouse pad from unintentional slips, which can have unpleasant consequences while playing.
This special XXL version is definitely bombastic, so the pad is significantly wider than it is tall. Since mouse movements are based on the proportions of the monitor being used, it makes sense that the mouse pads also take on some sort of widescreen shape. This also makes it clear that dual or triple monitor systems benefit most clearly from the shape. Thanks to its large area, the keyboard can also be placed on the mouse pad in addition to the mouse, which makes the controls and mouse pad a visually appealing unit.
The mouse pad knows how to impress with its impeccable quality. Simple and elegant in black, the pad fits virtually any gaming configuration and looks especially stylish thanks to its hemmed edge. Nice side effect: there is no "fraying or damage" to the edges and surface of the mouse pad. The pad itself has a smooth fabric surface, which not only offers a high level of comfort, but is also optimally geared towards speed, control and high compatibility with a large number of mouse sensors and sensitivities.
The overall size of 91.4 x 45.7 centimeters offers enough space for enormously wide mouse paths and feels pleasant thanks to the textured layer. The Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad is also machine washable and water-repellent.
With the simple and elegant design as well as a non-slip coating on the back, the three-millimeter high gaming mouse pad is the ideal addition for demanding PC users on a well-considered budget.

Technical details:
  • Dimensions: 914 x 3 x 457 mm (W x H x D)
  • Material: fabric / rubber
  • Black color
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