[Pre-Order] Zoom75 2U Kit Display LCD

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The zoom75 LCD display is an innovative and versatile accessory for your computer. It is a 2U colour panel that connects to your PC via Bluetooth and allows you to display a range of useful and entertaining information on your desktop. These are the main features of the zoom75 LCD display:

- Animation of default typing speed (e.g. a running puppy)

- GPU and CPU temperature- Weather display

- Time and date

- Memory- Battery power display

- Internet speed- Message synchronisation (Discord, WeChat and QQ)

- Uploading static images

- Bluetooth pairing status

- Fan speed display

- Dynamic GIF images will be supported in about 3 months (app update via OTA).

The zoom75 LCD display is easy to install in the 2U slot and to use, thanks to the dedicated app that allows you to customise the panel's settings and contents. The zoom75 LCD display