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Wuque Studio

[Group Buy] WS PBT MIZU Keycaps

[Group Buy] WS PBT MIZU Keycaps

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Brand new WS PBT MIZU Keycaps, a stunning set designed by Rensuya, inspired by beloved Mizu elements.


Special Offer (for the first 3 days only):

Buy 1 set of keycaps + 1 Deskmat and get 25% off the Deskmat automatically in your cart!


GB Time: July 18th - Aug 13th
Delivery Time: Q4 2024

• Manufacturer: Wuque Studio 
• Process & Material: 
  Base kit: PBT Doubleshot;
  Novelties kit: Singleshot + UV Silkscreen Printing
• Keycap thickness: 1.6mm 
• Keycap profile: Cherry 
• Base Kit Qty: 176 keys 
• Novelties Kit Qty: 20 keys

• Anti-fray stitched edges 
• High-quality cloth top 
• Rubber anti-slip bottom 
• Large Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm x 4mm 
• Medium Dimensions: 405mm x 180mm x 4mm 
• Small Dimensions: 370mm x 165mm x 4mm

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