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Mechanical Keyboards: how to choose the best

Whether they are programmers, writers, gamers or simple technology enthusiasts, we know that the world of keyboard lovers is divided into two: those who prefer the clicking of the keys, the click on the keyboard that signals complete typing, and those who prefer a writing silent, slower and linear.

If you also belong to the first group you are in the right place. You need one mechanical keyboard. TO unlike keyboards covered by a membrane thin silicone that closes the circuit and makes typing slower, le mechanical keyboards make noise, and the louder they make, the more we like them. 

Mechanical keyboards are really an upgrade for your station because the raised keys give a accurate feedback, both tactile and sound, on the activation of the letters that are typed: in this way the writer can do it faster, without checking on the screen that the letter has been entered, and the fingers can slide on the keyboard avoiding to press up to bottom.

There are three types of mechanical keyboards: different from each other according to the type of switch, the button actuation mechanism

The switch is what really makes this device different from traditional keyboards and is - technically - the component that creates contact and sends input to the computer. 

In short, a fundamental part for the functioning of our mechanical keyboards!

Linear mechanical keyboards (with red, yellow and black switches)

In linear keyboards lo switch has no obstacles, and the pressed key goes down completely, in a linear fashion, without blocks. If you want to buy this type of keyboard, look for keyboards with red, yellow or black switches. 

They are perfect to be used as gaming keyboards by online players: the absence of obstacles allows you to press the same button consecutively and quickly, an action often required for online gaming challenges.

Between best mechanical gaming keyboards we find the models of Glorious GMMK and the Anne Pro 2 without the return "hop" and therefore faster in typing.

Mechanical tactile keyboards (with brown and gray switches)

The tactile keyboardsinstead, they own a swtich with a small obstacle which creates the typical return “hop” as you type. L'key actuation goes through a slight click and increased pressure that is clearly felt when typing on the keyboard to type.

They give a clear feedback which allows those who write quickly to receive a response on typing without checking the presence of the letter on the screen.

The tactile mechanical keyboards are suitable for those who, for work or study, he spends many hours on the computer.

Among the tactile mechanical keyboards we recommend the Varmilo, equipped with backlighting, with a very high quality / price ratio. For Mac users, the best compatibility is found in keyboards Keychron (brown switch in this case) both wired and wireless, with a slightly lower price but very comfortable and responsive.

Mechanical clicking type keyboards (with blue and green switches)

For those who like to hear the sound of keystrokes clearly, the mechanical keyboard clicking has a double obstacle inside the switch: the upper part soundly crushes the lower one, and returns an even stronger and more decisive sensory response than tactile keyboards.

The click feels, and feels good; the spring under each key clicks, even if you do not get to press until it touches the bottom of the keyboard. 

One of the best known brands of clicking keyboards is Das Keyboard (switch blue), whose keyboards are equipped with a tactile and sound response of the highest level. 

What's the best mechanical keyboard for you?

Finding the perfect mechanical keyboard for every need is not easy. Especially if we don't know what the type of use will be and the features we want from our device. 

Generally speaking of a mechanical keyboard is an understatement: each combination of switches, brand and type of keyboard can create very different combinations, for a completely custom experience, based precisely on the needs of those who want to buy it. 

The answer to the original question, therefore, is one you can create yourself. 

We are always at your disposal to clarify any doubts and help you choose which mechanical keyboard to chooseVisit our shop and discover the best selection of mechanical keyboards with Italian layout. 

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