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Welcome Back Freya!

In mythology, Freya is associated with various elements: beauty, love, war, fertility, wealth, and magic, to name a few. These elements serve as her symbols. This multifaceted goddess happens to embody what people in today's society pursue-power, wealth, beauty, and skills.



Starting with Ikki68 OG, Aurora, followed by Mammoth75 and Promise87, Wuque has been committed to creating recognizable and meaningful designs. It's not just a typing tool; it's the magic that allows us to express ourselves in this fast-paced world.


This time, Wuque will be launching two versions: 

FreyaUltra (including the interchangeable module on the left) 

and Freya (without the interchangeable module on the left).



Wings Design


Freya's Feathered Cloak, legendary because it is woven from the feathers of various birds, is a powerful artifact that, when worn, provides the wearer with the ability to resist physical and magical attacks. But this isn't just a folklore story: it's a reality brought to your keyboard. The shape of wings on the sides of the fingerboard has been meticulously carved, evoking a sense of connection to mythical power.

Through the application of a secondary anodization process, the sides of the keyboard have been sculpted, giving you both aesthetics and texture. This isn't just a keyboard; it's a work of art that infuses your work and play with an atmosphere of mystery and magic. Unleash the power of Freya and experience an unprecedented keyboard journey.



 Unlike the majority of keyboards on the market that feature a 90-degree vertical design, Freya distinguishes itself with a unique curved back design, reminiscent of the spread wings of a goddess. This design complements the overall aesthetic of Freya. 



Freya x Valhalla


Freya x Jaekeyed



1. Touch Screen Knob


2. Left Slider


3. Hotswap Badges


4. Wings Side Profile


Touch Screen Knob

This time we chose a bold design concept: combining the knob with a touchscreen. Surrounded by four raised metal elements, the entire knob module resembles an altar, giving it a more powerful appearance.

The knob is modular and can also function as four separate keys.


Knob Functions


  • 5s boot animation, Image/Gif upload
  • Rotate the knob to adjust the volume, press to enter the function page
  • Support date, clock, power, information push
  • Alarm Clock
  • Notes
  • Message notification
  • Countdown
  • Note: some functions are under development, if you have any ideas please share with us in comment or IC form. We will keep updating.


Use Wuque APP for More Knob Customization

Left Slider-The slider is modular, and it can also be Macro



Non-Load-Bearing Gasket Structure

This innovative keyboard draws inspiration from sturdy, non-load-bearing structures. Adopting concepts from automotive suspension systems, a spring structure has been integrated into the bottom case, suspending the entire PCB assembly to ensure uniform pressure distribution, stability and responsiveness. The springs absorb the typing pressure while the silicone gaskets guarantee an anti-friction effect. Together, the design prioritizes a comfortable typing experience and ensures a satisfying and consistent typing experience.


Innovative Split Plate Design

An innovative design featuring a split plate has been adopted. Drawing inspiration from the sweet spot structure of tennis rackets, separate materials were used for the alphanumeric key area and other keys. This design not only provides a soft and responsive touch for the alphanumeric key area, but also ensures a crisp and efficient response for the other keys.

Aluminum Outer + PC Inner is default, other combinations can be purchased additionally





Freya Ultra includes four modules (Slider, Macro, Knob and Navigation cluster)

Tri-mode only support ANSI layout
Wired support ANSI and ISO layout


Product Specification


Freya Ultra : 68%+ Replaceable 5 macro (side slider)
Freya: 68%

PCB Type

Tri-mode flex cut, 1.2mm, Hotswap, ASIN Layout, Support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module

Tri-mode non-flex cut, 1.6mm, Hotswap, ASIN Layout, Support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module

Wired non-flex cut, 1.6mm, Solder, ISO Layout, Not support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module


Support Bluetooth 5.3

Available Connected

3 Devices

Typing Angle


Static Protection


VIA Support



The bezel color is the same as the case color, the dial face frame is gold by default.

PCB with RGB or not

Tri-mode support, wired does not support


WS Stabs V3.1

Screen Lens

33.75 x 33.22mm

LCD Screen Size



390 x 390 px

FPS (Upper Limit)


10 Vibrant Color Options Available for Your Choosing