Collection: [Group Buy] - Aquila Keyboard

Aquila is a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard featuring an extremely minimalist design and the proprietary Kindle Star Tri-Mode wireless solution.

Layout and design
Aquila adopts a 60% compact layout with 3U spaces on both sides, creating an unparalleled visual balance. After multiple comparisons and adjustments,
we have determined the most reasonable and aesthetic aspect ratio. Aquila has the same length as a 104-key keyboard but is narrower, which will not cause
adaptation issues or mouse compatibility problems. The only consideration may be desk space.

Wireless connectivity
Aquila features Kindle Star Tri-Mode proprietary wireless solution, which strengthens signal stability through a separate external antenna design. This solution has been continuously improved through feedback from Orion87 users to provide a fast and lag-free experience.

•Name: Aquila
• Modes: Wired, Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G Wireless
•Size: 430x120x24-32mm 6.5 degree
•Material:Aluminum 6063
•Weight: 2.5kg
•Gasket mount + poron+PE
• VIA support
•RGB backlighting with 26 million colors
•Hot-swappable switches
•4000mAh battery