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Welcome to the WUQUE Studio x Yamanote Line Collection, a unique blend of technology, art, and Japanese aesthetics. This collection consists of three main items: the Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Keyboard Kit, Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Keycaps, and Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Deskmats. Each item draws inspiration from the Yamanote Line, a popular railway line in Tokyo, Japan, and brings a distinctive Japanese touch to your workspace

GB Time: August 29th - September 12th

Delivery Time: Expected December 2023

Zoom65 x Yamanote Keyboard

Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Keyboard Kit

The case of this Zoom65 has undergone an anodized silver treatment process, which includes pattern screen printing and character infill. The silver color is anodized, differentiating it from the GT silver of the previous Zoom65 model. This gives the keyboard a sleek and modern look.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is the glass backplate, which has undergone screen printing and UV treatment. 

Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Keycaps

The Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Keycaps are made of doubleshot PBT plastic for improved durability, are designed to be perfectly compatible with most Zoom65 but also other keyboards. The keycaps have a sculpted profile, which means they are angled to provide a more comfortable typing experience. The keycaps are designed to be durable, ensuring that the legends won't fade even after heavy use.

Yamanote Keycaps

Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Deskmats

The Zoom65 x Yamanote Line Deskmats come in distinct styles: Operator Nana, Dai-ni Nakazato Level Crossing. Each style offers a unique visual appeal, enhancing the style of your workspace and providing a comfortable surface for typing and using your mouse. The deskmats are designed with a non-slip back to ensure they stay in place during use

Yamanote Deskmat

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