Ducky One 3 SF ISO-IT

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The Ducky One 3 is the latest model in the Ducky One keyboard range. The unit is available in various sizes and color combinations.

Equipped with Cherry MX switches, which feel light to type and have a tactile bump to overcome during activation. The switches are hot swappable, which means you can use the switches of your choice without having to unsolder and re-solder anything.

They are very well made and with ABS keys that are great to type on. This keyboard also has exceptionally low latency, making it a great choice for gaming of any genre.

Note: Ducky changes the design of the space bar depending on the zodiac sign of the current year. The appearance of the keys may also change depending on the edition. The images do not always match the actual keyboard design.

Technical specifications:

Layout: ISO-IT
Switch: Cherry MX
Size: 65%
Materiale Keycap: ABS
Legende: Double Shot
March: Ducky
Model: Ducky One 2 SF
Connection: Wired
Interface: USB-C
Backlight: RGB LED (16.8M)
Multimedia functions: Yes
Dimensions: 325 x 108 x 40 mm
Weight: 635g