Gateron Baby Kangaroo

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Following the successful launch of the Kangaroo Box Ink Switch, Gateron welcomes another new member, the "Baby Kangaroo Switch" to join this tactile switch family. It features a highly transparent cover with condenser light affection, a nylon PA66 white base, and a bright green POM stem with high durability, resistance, and smoothness to provide a crisp tactile feel. Different from the conventional tactile switch, the Baby Kangaroo switch’s tactile peak point is 0.5 mm to deliver a larger tactile drop for a more evident tactile feel. If you are a tactile switch lover, the baby Kangaroo is a must-have.

Antioxidant Gold Contact

The Baby Kangaroo switch is engineered with a vertical contact blade, superior to the horizontal material’s contact blade on the market. Its gold contact improves anti-oxidation performance and protects the key switch from corrosion, guaranteeing the switch to last for about 60 million cycles.

Double-stage Gold-plated Spring

This switch incorporates a 22 mm double-stage gold plated spring made of SUS304 material with high durability, which makes the rebound rigid and tight. The spring force tolerance is narrowed to improve the consistency of the feel. Its surface is gilded to preserve oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Automatic Factory Self-lubed

lubricating technology has been continuously optimized for the past 3 years to solve their previous adjustment deficiencies. The CNC fine-tuned its oil injection amount to only 0.1s within 0.001g to not only ensure mass production capacity but to produce a crisper feel too.

Technical Specification:

Brand Gateron
Model Baby Kangaroo
Stem Green
Operation Force 59±8 gf
Pre-Travel 2.0±0.5 mm
Total Travel 3.4 mm Max.
Sound Level Medium
Operation Life Up to 60M cycles
Suitable For Gaming/ Office
Finger Strike Feeling Crisp bump, tactile