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Gateron Luciola Switch

Gateron Luciola Switch

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Gateron Luciola Switch is a linear switch with a housing made of a luminescent material that glows for a certain period of time even in dark places.

This switch same as Ink V2 mold and material, but pre-lubed via automatic equipment, and it sending out light green glow in the night.
Luciola is the scientific name for the Japanese Genji Firefly, which is famous for its flashing light.

The light green glow of this switch seems to be based on the genji botaru.
Take in sunshine, release noctilucent
Sparkling fireflies light up your dreams and illuminate your sky.


• Housing: Translucent light Green, same as Ink material
• Stem: Pom, same as Ink material
• Operation Force: 55gf
• Bottom Touching Force: 60gf
• Pre- travel: 2mm
• Total travel: 3.6mm
• Pins:5-Pin
• Pre-lubed: Yes
• LED Support: Plug-in
• Touch bottom early linear switch
• Black plated double Stage spring 22mm


• INK bottom housing material 
• POM stem, touch the bottom earlier

• Three-layer reinforced pins, 5pin base polymer material
• Dual-stage black-plated long springs. Providing a more responsive input experience
• Simulating the luminescence of fireflies After absorbing light, it can emit luminescence
• Extend stem linear switch,olymer material combined with precision ,lubrication Delivers a crisp and smooth touch.


The ink bottom housing material, stem top housing, and bottom housing exhibit luminescent effects after absorbingight, providing a glow-in-the-dark effect
55gf operation force 22mm dual-stage black-plated long springs

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