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Glorious GPBT keycaps

Glorious GPBT keycaps

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 With the set of keycaps Glorious GPBT you can customize your mechanical keyboard. The set contains 114 keycaps, compatible with keyboards from 104-key ANSI layout so both TKL and full-size, This Glorious GPBT set also includes 10 extra keys for further customization of your keyboard

The Glorious GPBT set is designed to perfectly fit keyboards GMMK Pro  and other models of Glorious PC Gaming Race.

Built in PBT plastic, the most robust and reliable for keycap construction, i Glorious GPBT they are far superior to conventional ABS in terms of strength and durability.

These keycaps Glorious GPBT they are available in different intense colors.

For backlit keyboards they create a pleasant effect under the surface of the key.

The legends are abrasion resistant and durable thanks to the dye-sublimated manufacturing process.

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