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Glorious Lube Station

Glorious Lube Station

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Lubricating mechanical switches can be a fiddly business and it’s easy to lose track of sundries. Glorious has developed the Lube Station to make this filigree work easier for you. It can hold the individual parts of a total of 36 disassembled mechanical switches. The Glorious Lube Station also serves as storage for all the tools and utensils you need.

The Lube station provides slots for Glorious’ own G-Lube and vials from third party manufacturers. In combination with the four slots for lubricating brushes, this allows you to use two different lubricants at the same time. The well-structured design helps to maintain order, so you can work faster and avoid losing parts. The Lube Station is equipped with anti-slip-rubber feet, so it stays in place.

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