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Glorious Mouse Model O

Glorious Mouse Model O

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The Glorious Gaming Mouse for PC Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse with a high quality Pixart optical sensor and six buttons. The sensor offers a resolution of 12,000 DPI. Thanks to the honeycomb structure the weight of the mouse is reduced to only 67 grams. Below, sleek RGB lighting comes to light, bringing out the mouse's internal mechanics. Super-strong Omron switches allow the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O. mouse to last a very long time. And of course the mouse can handle accelerations of up to 50G!

Pixart's modern 3360 PWM sensor scans the surface at 12,000 DPI for unmatched accuracy. The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O gaming mouse can also be set to four different DPI levels via a toggle switch or the preset DPI values can be adjusted via the supplied software. An LED at the bottom shows the current setting, the color coding can also be adjusted via the software. The ambidextrous mouse has a total of six programmable buttons, and next to the two main and DPI buttons at the top are two switches on the right side. The scroll wheel is also selectable.

The special feature of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O gaming mouse is the honeycomb at the top and also at the bottom. Significantly reduce the total weight of the mouse. The honeycomb pattern not only gives the mouse a unique look, but also allows a view of the inside of the mechanism, which is highlighted by the customizable RGB LED lighting. At the same time, they ensure good ventilation of the hands.

The shape is designed for ambidextrous operation, with the hand resting in the most natural position possible on the mouse, thus reducing the stress on the fingers when operating the keys and avoiding unnecessary movements. Long gaming sessions are no problem due to the ergonomic shape of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O gaming mouse. The side buttons are both on the left side to keep the weight down.

In addition to the flexible DPI settings of the high-quality Pixart sensor, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O gaming mouse also shines with other values. These include the acceleration of 50G and the high tracking speed of over 250 IPS. The sampling rate is the maximum of 1000 Hz. Therefore, the mouse is designed for very fast movements. This is ensured by the large gliders made of Teflon, which ensure smooth movement, regardless of the surface of the mouse. Add to this the braided cable developed by Glorious PC. It is super flexible and lightweight, as if you were using a wireless mouse.

The RGB LED strip, located on the sides of the mouse, also illuminates the interior, which is visible through the honeycomb. The 16.8 million colors and a total of eight LED effects can be set via software or turned off, optionally without software using the switch on the mouse itself. The software, however, provides additional options with which the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse to make the perfect gaming peripherals.


Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 128 x 59 mm 66 x 26 bis 37.5 mm (LxAxP)
Weight: 67g
Black colour
Resolution: max. 12 000 DPI (400, 800, 1600, 3200)
Sensor: Pixart PWM-3360 optical sensor
Maximum acceleration: 50 G
Maximum speed: 1 ms (latency)
USB signal frequency: 1000 Hz polling frequency
Lift Off Distance: 0.7mm
Keys: 6 (programmable)
Connections: USB (2m long braided cable)
Illumination: RGB LED (16.8 million colors)

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