GMMK Pro Rotary Knob

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The fully customisable barebone keyboard Glorious GMMK Pro comes with a matching rotary dial pre-installed. The GMMK Pro Rotary Knob is used either as a replacement or to further customise your GMMK Pro keyboard. It is CNC-engraved aluminium, the textured grip provides ample grip for the precise tuning as well as being pleasant to the touch. The GMMK Pro Rotary Knob’s anodised, matte finish is scratch-resistant. With its stylish top edge bezel, the GMMK Pro Rotary Knob is designed to be eye-catching. Installing the Rotary Knob is easy and doesn’t require any tools. Simply pull off the original one and firmly press it down until it’s tightly in place. Available in different colorways: Gold, Black, Silver