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[Group-Buy] Freya Ultra By Wuque Studio

[Group-Buy] Freya Ultra By Wuque Studio

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The Wuque studio Freya is a keyboard inspired by the mythological figure Freya, known for her attributes of beauty, love, war, fertility, wealth, and magic. Released on February 6, 2024, the Freya keyboard is a tribute to the power, wealth, beauty, and skills that Freya symbolizes 

The Freya keyboard comes in 10 vibrant color options: Anodized Black, Ice Blue, E-White, Anodized Pine, Anodized Burgundy, Anodized Champagne Gold, Electrophoresis Cream, Anodized Gunmetal Grey, Anodized Purple, and Anodized Tiffany Blue. Each color adds a unique aesthetic to the keyboard.

One of the standout features of the Freya keyboard is its unique curved back design, reminiscent of the spread wings of a goddess. This design complements the overall aesthetic of the keyboard.

The Freya keyboard also includes a Touch Screen Knob, a feature that merges the knob with a touchscreen. The knob is modular and can also function as four separate keys. Some of the functions include 5s boot animation, Image/Gif upload, rotating the knob to adjust the volume, entering the function page, and pushing support date, clock, power, and information.

In terms of layout, the Freya Ultra includes four modules (Slider, Macro, Knob, and Navigation cluster). It supports both ANSI and ISO layouts through a tri-mode flex cut, 1.2mm, Hotswap, ANSI Layout, and a tri-mode non-flex cut, 1.6mm, Hotswap, ANSI Layout. The wired version supports ISO & ANSI Layout but does not support Touch Screen Knob Module and Slider Module.

The Freya keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.3 and can connect up to three devices. It offers a typing angle of 6.5°, static protection, and VIA support. The screen lens size is 33.75 x 33.22mm, with a resolution of 390 x 390 px and an upper limit of 10 FPS 

NoteFreya Ultra-Wired PCB only support 2 modules(Macro and Navigation cluster)

Times and Shipment

Tempo di preordine: February 6 2024 - TBD

ETA for delivery: Q2 2024

Timely updates will be communicated through our Discord channel accessible at this link:


Cancellations: There is a 4% fee for cancellations and refunds after the order has been placed. Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place your order. There are no refunds or cancellations after the group purchase has been completed.

Quality: As there are numerous variations, the images provided on the product page are renderings or prototypes and are for display purposes only. Please also see the prototype video for your reference before your purchase.

Assembly: We do not assume responsibility for damage caused by the end user during assembly. For further information, carefully follow the kit assembly guide provided by the manufacturer.

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