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Holy Panda Switches (36 pcs.) - Lubed

Holy Panda Switches (36 pcs.) - Lubed

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Glorious PC Gaming has unearthed an original mould of the legendary INVYR Panda Switches and produced their own Panda Switches for their GMMKs (Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboards), adding new and improved internal design and materials. Of course, they can be used in other keyboards or DIY projects as well.

The typing feel of the Panda switches is very crisp, as the switches have a very high actuation force, being extremely tactile at the same time. The operating force is a very high 67 g. This enables a completely new typing and playing experience.

Installation of the manufacturer's own GMMK keyboards is child's play. The key switches can also be used in keyboards with mechanical 3-pin switches such as Cherry MX and Kailh or used for DIY projects. The Panda Switches are compatible with SMD LEDs and can be illuminated through transparent keycaps accordingly. Due to the opaque casing, they do not let as much light through as other switches might. The stem is compatible with MX keycaps.
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