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Keychron Q1 - Version 2

Keychron Q1 - Version 2

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The Keychron Q1 is an all-metal mechanical keyboard with a 75 per cent layout that allows customisation of functions for each key switch, key cover, stabiliser, personal badge and even a plate. The model is designed to completely customise your experience and make typing more comfortable. This keyboard is not just a tool, but a work of art on your desk. The Q1 is made with a CNC 6063 machined aluminium body, a polished, anodised and sandblasted finish, and twenty-four machining processes. The model was created with Mac users in mind, while maintaining compatibility with Windows devices. The Keychron Q1 comes with a system switch and an additional set of customised keys for Windows and macOS, so you can save two different keyboard layouts, one for each system. The seal design gives the plate a pleasant, flexible typing feel and a satisfying typing sound. The maximum flex of the Q1 is up to 2.5 mm, making the board one of the most flexible on the market. With full QMK and VIA support, you can easily programme and map every key on your keyboard. Open source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, lighting effects and more. Cable management on the Keychron Q1 is easy thanks to the high-quality aviator coiled cable. Regardless of whether your computer interface is on the left, right, or in front of your desk, the premium retractable aviator cable can be routed as you prefer. We have also designed the spiral aviator cables in different colours to match the different colours of the case.

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