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Glorious Mousepad XXL Stealth

Glorious Mousepad XXL Stealth

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With Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pads, the user has full control over what happens on the screen, working or playing. Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Padknows how to impress with its impeccable quality and, with its surface, is particularly suitable for users who need maximum freedom of movement. The Stealth Edition has an almost invisible black logo and is therefore completely black. The edge prevents "fraying or damage" to the edges and surface of the mouse pad .

The pad enjoys a flexible fabric surface and possesses a diagonal of over one meter. Thanks to its extremely large surface area of 91 x 46 centimeters orbesides the mouse, there is also room for a full keyboard, combining the control elements and mouse pad on the desk into a visually appealing unit. With its non-slip coating on the back, the three-millimeter-high gaming mouse pad isthe ideal addition for demanding PC users on a well-considered budget.

Technical details:
  • Dimensions: 914 x 3 x 457 mm (W x H x D)
  • Material: fabric / rubber
  • Black color
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