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[Pre-order] Zoom65 V3

[Pre-order] Zoom65 V3

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Real photos of colors

Purchase Note: 

This is a pre-order, GB will start on June 18, 2024 and end on July 2. Shipments will be processed during the fourth quarter of 2024.

After selecting case color and tail light type, a complete ZOOM65 V3 keyboard kit must also include the following: External Weight (Required 1) + Back Plate (Required 2) + PCB (Required 3) + Plate (Required 4).

Case Type/Color, Back Plate, External Weight, Plate, PCB are required optionals.
Other accessories need to be added in the ZOOM65 V3 Add-ons.
LCD screen is default.


The new Zoom65 will be in 16 colors, 5 new variations will be introduced: Aquamarine, Klein Blue, Peach Fuzz, Viva Magenta, Cafe Brown.

This version was designed to achieve the perfect balance between length and elasticity, to minimize excessive bounce and ensure a satisfying typing experience. With shortened arms and retained elasticity, the springs deliver a precise, responsive feel, ensuring every key press is comfortable and impactful.


Product specification:

  • Size: 65%
  • Material: National standard 6063 Aluminum
  • PCB Type: Tri-mode flex cut 1.2mm, Tri-mode non-flex cut 1.6mm
  • Typing Angle: 6.5°
  • Forehead Height: 22.33mm
  • VIA & QMK Support: Yes
  • Static Protection: Yes

Free gifts available during Group Buy!

Mystery Box of Free Desk Mats: Purchase within the first 3 days and receive a randomly selected classic desk mat from Meletrix.

First 300 Orders Bonus: The first 300 customers will also receive a set of random-colored ZoomCaps + a bear-themed desk pad.

Additional Offer in the GB Period:
When Global GB Reaches 3000 Units: 1 WS Keycap Extractor for each customer.

When International GB Reaches 7000 Units: 1 Switch Extractor for each customer.

When International GB Reaches 10000 Units: Unlock 1 Pack of Switch WS (Random Series) for each customer.

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