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[Pre-order] Zoompad x Kitsune

[Pre-order] Zoompad x Kitsune

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We are pleased to present the Zoompad model in collaboration with Kitsune for pre-order!
The numeric keypad will be available in a special theme with a total number of 20 keys! A beautiful knob and support with VIA will also be included. The connection mode will be wired or bluetooth 5.2/2.4G




  • GMK Kitsune Theme

  • Top case and Bottom case: Anodized Navy

  • External weight : Anodized navy

  • Backplate : Anodized rosegold

  • Custom knob: Anodized rosegold

  • Side engraving with multicolored infill (red and white)

  • Back usb port engraving with multicolor infill (red and white)

  • Weight engraving with multicolor infill (red and white)

  • Silver polished chamfers

  • Typing Angle: 5 degrees (Updated)

  • Front Height: 20mm (updated)

  • Case Material: Aluminum

  • Keyboard Structure: Gasket Mount

  • Connection Method: Wired/Bluetooth 5.2/2.4G

  • System Supported:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

  • Battery Capacity: 600mAh

PCB Specifications
  • 1.2mm thickness

  • Support VIA

  • Underglow: No

  • ESD Protection: Yes



ZoomPad knob is universal with Zoom65 V2 and Zoom75

GB Time and shipping

GB Time: July 25 - August 8

Production Time: Q4

ETA for delivery: Q4

Timely updates will be communicated via the Discord channel accessible at this link:


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