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Wuque Studio

WS Morandi Switch

WS Morandi Switch

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The Morandi linear switches by Wuque Studio feature factory lube and per-switch removable light diffusers.

What is a light diffuser?

The removable light diffuser that is included with each switch helps evenly distribute the light source, which makes the RGB look more spread out. Compare the image below for a switch with and without the diffuser:

WS Morandi Switch DiffuserWS Morandi Switch Diffuser

The diffuser can be easily removed without opening the switch by pushing upward on the bottom of the switch, where the diffuser is located. The diffuser should pop out without resistance.

WS Morandi Switches Showcase Video


Manufacturer: Haimu
Type: Linear
Bottom-out: 60g
Top Housing: POM
Bottom Housing: POM
Stem: UPE
Light Diffuser: PMMA
Spring: 18mm double-stage long spring
Travel: 3.50士0.3mm
Lubrication: Factory lubed with oil
Uses: Gaming, typing in RGB setups
Noise Level: Moderate (some factory oil)
Compatibility: Works with any PCB compatible with Cherry style switches. 5 pins can be modified to 3 pins by clipping off the extra 2 pins if necessary.

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