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Wuque Studio

Wuque Studio - WS Stabs V3.1

Wuque Studio - WS Stabs V3.1

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WS Stabs 3.1 are the latest high-quality stabilizers created by Wuque Studio for custom mechanical keyboards. They represent an evolution of version 3.0, with small targeted improvements aimed at ensuring a smooth and silent typing experience.

Main features:

  • Direct mounting on PCB board for wide compatibility
  • Non-stick internal ribs for a consistent feel
  • Available in 1.6mm and 1.2mm thickness
  • Factory-lubed
  • Glitter black housing

Kit Contents:

  • Stabilizers housings (x8 pairs)
  • Stabilizers stems (x8 pairs)
  • 2u wires (x7)
  • 6.25u wire (x1)
  • 7u wire (x1)
  • Stabilizer washers (x16)
  • Copper screws (x16)


  • Version: 7+2
  • Material: TPE Housing
  • Packaging Dimension: 150.25*17.25*82.75mm
  • Packaging weight: 0.041kg
Updates compared to v3:

Glitter black housing, light factory-lubed

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