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[In-Stock] Meletrix Zoom98

[In-Stock] Meletrix Zoom98

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The ZOOM98 is a full size keyboard that offers a great typing experience. It is a product crafted by Meletrix, a company known for its innovative and great quality keyboard designs. The ZOOM98 stands out for being a full size highly customizable keyboard set.


The ZOOM98 features a top case that includes a telescope with an LED diffuser, creating a stunning visual effect. The bottom case has ambient lights with a new side profile design. The keyboard also comes with a captivating glowing telescope logo. The case is further enhanced with vibrant side lights.


The ZOOM98 allows for extensive customization as multiple modules can be purchased separately to adapt to your needs. These modules can include an LCD, knob, badge, or two-keys. Moreover, the Zoom98 is compatible with ZOOM65/75/PAD series, making it even more adaptable.


The keyboard comes with new stabilizers in a 9+1 configuration, supporting splitting. These stabilizers are lightly factory-lubed, making it easier for novices to get started without worrying about lubrication. The PCB foam and bottom case are made of lighter PORON material, which reduces resonance and creates a more concentrated and deeper sound


The ZOOM98 supports a versatile tri-mode connection (Wired/Bluetooth/2.4G), making it compatible across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Colors and Finish

The ZOOM98 Essential Edition comes in an impressive array of color options, including E white, Black, Strawberry Icecream, Blush Pink, White, Cool Grey, Cyber ​​Yellow, Milk Tea, Lilac, Milky Green, Navy Blue, Plum, Scarlet Red, Sky Blue, Wild Green. The finish is either anodized or electrostatic coated.

The special Edition has 6 new colors, 5 anodized and 1 Electrophoresis(E-White)


General Specs

Keyboard layout: 98% layout

Mounting style: Gasket Mount

Typing Angle: 7.7 degrees

Front Height: 22mm

Case Material: Aluminium

Default plate: polycarbonate plate


PCB thickness: 1.2mm, with Ai03 DB

PCB Version: Tri-mode Flex Cut or Non-Flex Cut Hotswap RGB PCB / Wired Non-flex Cut Hotswap PCB

Supported layout: Split spacebars, back space, stepped caps Lock, left shift, right shift, ISO & ANSI enter

Connection methods: Tri-mode(Wired/Bluetooth/2.4G) / Wired

VIA/QMK Support: Tri-mode PCB supports VIA, the wired PCB supports QMK/VIA.

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